Mar 6, 2014

Elastic properties of AlxIn1−xPySb1−y and AlxGa1−xPySb1−y lattice matched to InAs substrate

The elastic constants and related properties of zinc-blende AlxIn1−xPySb1−y and AlxGa1−xPySb1−yquaternary semiconductor alloys lattice matched to InAs substrate are obtained for various aluminium concentrations over the range 0–1 using the pseudopotential method within the virtual crystal approximation combined with the Harrison bond–orbital model. The agreement between our results and published experimental data, which are only available for binary parent compounds, is generally satisfactory, while our calculated results for quaternaries of interest are predictions. Except for the internal strain parameter, all studied quantities are found to exhibit the same qualitative behavior with respect to the composition x when replacing the indium (In) by the gallium (Ga). The numerically calculated results provide more opportunities to obtain diverse elastic properties while still controlling the composition components.

Source: Materials Letters

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