Sep 17, 2014

Si layer transfer to InP substrate using low-temperature wafer bonding


Using a low-temperature wafer bonding process, InP substrates are bonded to silicon-on-insulator (SOI) substrates at 220 °C. A combination of oxygen plasma and chemical treatment results in a direct contact bonding at room temperature. After the bonding process at 220 °C for 45 min, removal of the Si handle substrate by sacrificial etching of the buried oxide layer in SOI, results in a thin membrane of Si robustly bonded to InP. The thin Si membrane bonded to InP shows uniformly bonded interface under high-resolution electron microscopy. Micro-Raman analysis has also been carried out to study the bonded interface. IVcharacteristics of the bonded structures suggest that such bonding and layer transfer processes are suitable for device integration.


  • 81.05Ea
  • 81.65−b
  • 78.55−m
  • 78.30−j
  • Keywords

    • Wafer bonding
    • SOI
    • InP
    • Oxygen plasma
    • Micro-Raman
    • Thin-film,substrate wafer.
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