Jan 4, 2016

Wafer bowing control of free-standing heteroepitaxial diamond (100) films grown on Ir(100) substrates via patterned nucleation growth


Wafer bowing control of free-standing heteroepitaxial diamond (100) films
Effect of patterned nucleation and growth (PNG) technique on wafer bowing reduction
Influence of nucleation region patterns of PNG on wafer bowing
Internal stress analysis of PNG films via confocal micro-Raman spectroscopy


The potential of patterned nucleation growth (PNG) technique to control the wafer bowing of free-standing heteroepitaxial diamond films was investigated. The heteroepitaxial diamond (100) films were grown on an Ir(100) substrate via PNG technique with different patterns of nucleation regions (NRs), which were dot-arrays with 8 or 13 μm pitch aligned to < 100 > or < 110 > direction of the Ir(100) substrate. The wafer bows and the local stress distributions of the free-standing films were measured using a confocal micro-Raman spectrometer. For each NR pattern, the stress evolutions within the early stage of diamond growth were also studied together with a scanning electron microscopic observation of the coalescing diamond particles. These investigations revealed that the NR pattern, in terms of pitch and direction of dot-array, strongly affects the compressive stress on the nucleation side of the diamond film and dominantly contributes to the elastic deformation of the free-standing film. This indicates that the PNG technique with an appropriate NR pattern is a promising solution to fabricate free-standing heteroepitaxial diamond films with extremely small bows.


  • PNGpatterned nucleation growth
  • NRnucleation region
  • CVDchemical vapor deposition
  • FWHMfull width at half maximum
  • TECthermal expansion coefficient;
  • RTroom temperature


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