Feb 2, 2016

Preparing SiC/diamond coatings via chemical vapor deposition of SiC on diamond-coated graphite and their frictional properties

SiC/diamond coatings with excellent frictional properties were successfully prepared using graphite as substrate. Diamond particles with size of 25–38 μm were firstly bonded on graphite substrate through PVA glue, followed by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) of SiC with varied MTS flow on the diamond-coated graphite substrate to enhance the adhesion of diamond particles. The influence of the MTS flow on the SiC coatings was investigated. The results showed that polycrystalline SiC coating with good crystallinity has been obtained. With MTS flow increasing, the SiC grains feature increased surface roughness and greater sizes of the SiC crystallite resulting from the co-deposition of SiC and carbon with increased carbon containing species. Reciprocating sliding wear tests were conducted to investigate the coefficient of friction. With increasing applied load, while the low-flow specimens showed a remarkable increase in the friction coefficient resulting from degradation of the SiC coatings, the high-flow specimens maintained a relatively low friction coefficient during wear tests indicating strong holding force to diamond particles of the SiC coatings. The reason for low friction coefficient of the high-flow specimens was that GCr15 steel ball was wearing by the SiC/diamond coatings with good affinity to the substrate resulting in a flat–flat contact on the contact area.


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