Jul 26, 2017

SUSS MicroTec Unveils New Operator-Assisted Surface Laser Imagers

The highly versatile technology of the LI for laser surface processing ranges from sub micrometric pattering of resist coated substrates to micro- ablation, photo-chemistry treatment as well as metrology.
The patterns, defined by a CAD process, are transferred by accurately moving the targeted substrates underneath a focused and scanning laser beam. In addition, the Laser Imager configuration is highly customizable, to best fit the specific requirements of each user. The technology supports substrate sizes from small pieces up to 300 mm, and it reaches a resolution down to 0.8 µm. Multi-layer alignment is possible via both top and bottom side alignment optical systems. Beside the 405 nm GaN laser for standard thin resist lithography processes, a second laser source can also be added to additionally address diverse processes such as, among other, thick resists like SU8, and infrared sensitive materials.
Core advantage of the Laser Imager is its flexibility, making it suitable for the various requirements of academic and industrial R&D facilities. The main applications include a wide variety of nano- and 3D structuring for high resolution wafer lithography, micro-optical components, sensors, microfluidic devices, and photo mask manufacturing.
"With the Surface Laser Imaging platform, we add a tool to our product portfolio that expands our existing exposure equipment set towards higher resolution requirements for leading edge applications." says Dr. Per-Ove Hansson, CEO of SUSS MicroTec AG. "With this addition, we are enhancing our leadership position and offering the most comprehensive set of products and technologies for the lithography R&D market."

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