Epitaxial growth of semiconductor films in multiple-wafer mode is under vigorous development in order to improve yield output to meet the industry increasing demands. Here we report on results of the heteroepitaxial growth of multi-wafer 3C–SiC films on Si(100) substrates by employing a home-made horizontal hot wall low pressure chemical vapour deposition (HWLPCVD) system which was designed to be have a high-throughput, multi-wafer (3 × 2-inch) capacity. 3C–SiC film properties of the intra-wafer and the wafer-to-wafer including crystalline morphologies, structures and electronics are characterized systematically. The undoped and the moderate NH3 doped n-type 3C–SiC films with specular surface are grown in the HWLPCVD, thereafter uniformities of intra-wafer thickness and sheet resistance of the 3C–SiC films are obtained to be 6%~7% and 6.7%~8%, respectively, and within a run, the deviations of wafer-to-wafer thickness and sheet resistance are less than 1% and 0.8%, respectively.
Source: IOPscience
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