Oct 23, 2017

CORIAL Releases a Platform for 6” Patterned Sapphire Substrates

CORIAL announces the general availability of an ICP process for sapphire patterning (PSS) on 6” wafers, to be used in high-volume LED production with the fully automated Corial PS200 single-module platform.
Patterned Sapphire Substrate is the standard in the LED industry to get brighter LEDs. Going back to 2009, CORIAL has been among the first companies to supply a stand-alone ICP system with etching processes dedicated to PSS application. Since then, CORIAL has continuously innovated to offer cost-effective solutions for LED production.
Based on a production-proven plasma technology, the CORIAL PS200 is a fully automated single module platform combining the highest productivity on sapphire substrates with excellent etching performances for PSS application.
Key advantages of the Corial PS200 platform:
·         High density plasma source providing best in class uniformity and process repeatability,
·         Single wafer processing with Brooks elevator for front end cassette in vacuum load-lock and Brooks robot in vacuum transfer chamber for fully automated wafer handling,
·         Production flexibility with extendable platform configuration (up to 3 process modules),
·         Soft mechanical clamping with helium backside cooling maximizing etching uniformity,
·         In-situ plasma cleaning process for the highest process repeatability.
CORIAL patterning process on 6” wafers has been tested and qualified by a major LED manufacturer in Asia.
Typical results for PSS on 6” wafers:
·         Average STD within wafer < 0.5
·         PSS height of 1800 nm ± 40 nm and PSS width of 2800 nm ± 40 nm
·         ≤ ± 1.5% etching uniformity (conical shape)
·         Throughput ≥ 2.5 wafers/hours
In close cooperation with customers, CORIAL's application engineers will develop the recipes that best match with the required specifications (PR types, PSS shapes…) - providing the best edge of wafer results and maximizing the process uniformity and repeatability.
Keywords:CORIAL,6” Sapphire Substrates,
Source: IOPscience
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