Apr 3, 2019

Tension assisted metal transfer of graphene for Schottky diodes onto wafer scale substrates

We developed an effective graphene transfer method for graphene or silicon Schottky diodes on a wafer as large as 6 inches. Graphene grown on a large scale substrate was passivated and sealed with a gold layer, protecting graphene from any possible contaminant and keeping good electrical contact. The Au/graphene was transferred by the tension-assisted transfer process without polymer residues. The gold film itself was used directly as the electrodes of a Schottky diode. We demonstrated wafer-scale integration of graphene/silicon Schottky diode using the proposed transfer process. The transmission electron microscopy analysis and relatively low ideality factor of the diodes indicated fewer defects on the interface than those obtained using the conventional poly(methyl methacrylate)-assisted transfer method. We further demonstrated gas sensors as an application of graphene Schottky diodes.


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