Dec 13, 2019

Effects of Experimental Parameters on Void Formation in the Growth of 3C‐SiC Thin Film on Si Substrate

The effects of growth parameters have been examined for the epitaxial growth of a void‐free SiC film on a Si substrate. Experiments were performed under various growth conditions by pyrolyzing tetramethylsilane (TMS) in a rapid thermal chemical vapor deposition reactor. Void‐free single crystalline SiC films were grown when the Si substrate was heated after the flow of TMS. The increase of TMS flow rate produced void‐free SiC films, but the crystallinity of the films varied from single crystalline to polycrystalline. The growth of void‐free single crystalline SiC films was observed at substrate temperatures below 1000°C. The outdiffusion of Si atoms from the Si substrate surface and the void formation in the silicon side of the SiC/Si interface were investigated using various experimental techniques. The mechanism of the void formation is briefly discussed in this work.


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