Apr 2, 2020

Large area stress free Si layer transfer onto Corning glass substrate using ion-cut

We report on the large area stress free single crystal silicon (Si) layer transfer onto glass substrate using hydrogen ion (H+) implantation and heterogeneous direct wafer bonding (DWB) (ion-cut process). Si wafers were implanted with H+ ions at room temperature followed by the DWB between the Si wafer and glass substrate. Post-implantation annealing studies were performed at different temperatures. The root mean square surface roughness of the H-implanted Si wafer and glass substrate was measured to be 0.3 nm and 0.5 nm, respectively. At an annealing temperature of 330 °C, a thin layer of the Si wafer was transferred onto the glass substrate. The average thickness of the transferred layer was found to be ~605 nm with surface roughness of 4 nm. Raman spectroscopy confirmed that the transferred Si layer was stress free and retained its crystallinity. Large area transfer of high quality stress free Si-on-glass substrate is demonstrated using heterogeneous DWB and ion-cut process.


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